First Annual General Meeting

Hi all,

It’s decided.

Tuesday 8th April 2014 will be our first Annual General Meeting (AGM).

It will be held opposite our normal meeting place at the Waggon and Horses pub from 7PM.

The Management Committee will need to be present. There needs to be at least 6 members to turn up to the meeting for the meeting to go ahead.

If you wish to have a say in the future of the group, it is important for you to attend this meeting.

See you there!



Hi Guys,

Just a quick update after our weekly open night.


We’ve got the steel rods now for the 3D printer, so we’ll be cutting them up next week. Must remember to bring down the angle grinder. We’ll just need the hot end and the “extruder” next.


We had a few more people than normal so thanks to everyone who turned up and turned it from a night with no agenda into a real good refresh as to why we’re doing this. I think we all agreed that it’s an excellent resource. We hope that we only keep growing!


Thanks to DanW (@circitfied) for his excellent idea of putting up a “skills board”, putting up our names, skills and goals, which also turned out a great way to introduce ourselves to each other.


There’s still lots to do at the hackspace to make it great and sometimes it can be difficult because of other commitments, however, slowly but surely we’re making progress.


Although the “social area” is warm, a job for next week will be to get the gas heater back in action so we can heat the workshop again.

That aside we’ve now got internet access, working computers, tea and coffee making facilities, lots of workshop and storage space, toilets, plenty of hardware to hack and a real good group of really great people. And this is only the start.

Thanks again for everyone who came down, hope to see you all next week!