Update July

Hi all,

Throughout July we’ve had a lot of activity down at the hackspace, but a few of us have either been away or focusing all our efforts into our 3D printer.

This has left little time for taking photos and promotion.

However, I thought I’d just drop a post out there to say we’re moving forward and our 3D printer is now printing, we’re just in the “tweaking” stages we’d hoped to be at weeks ago.

Bring on August!


Update May Week 1

Hi all,

Last week was a bit of an odd one.

I knew a few of our regular members were away including two of our core members Tom and Si. So with the weather as fantastic as it was, I made a decision to make the most of the weather following on from the the bank holiday and pass on.

This should be the exception, not the rule, and we’ll be back as normal again tomorrow night (Tuesday 14th May).



We’re rocking and rolling! 🙂

A local hackerspace | North West England & North Wales |

It’s tonight! The new space in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Here’s Simon’s announcement:

“After some clearing (which I sadly missed) and some bench building and pizza, the new Hackspace is now open!  The address is

Potteries Hackspace (Formerly Randles Garage)
Keele Road

The entrance is up the slope at the back, in through the roller shutter doors, and we’ve the benefit of being opposite the Wagon and Horses Pub..

Thanks to James for arranging it, we’ve now got plenty of space for crazy building, pizza nights, soldering and small explosions..  At the moment, it still needs work, we need to put in some electrical sockets and get some more desks and things, but its a start!

The first proper meeting will be next Wednesday, (31st) at 7pm, and everyone is welcome!
Bring something to build, play with, show off, or just yourself….

Hope to see everyone Weds..”


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