Raspberry Pi Competition

In conjunction with the upcoming “Raspberry Jam” at Newcastle-under-Lyme Collage we’re running a Raspberry Pi competition.

Si wrote:


So after an idea from Steve, and some further discussions, we’ve come up with an idea.

We are thinking about setting friendly competitions based around a common theme, with a display night and some prizes at the end of each. Hopefully each competition should run for a few months, giving people chance to get something really cool built.

There are a few reasons we want to do this:

Lately we’ve been involved in getting larger projects off the ground, in particular the 3d printer. Because these large projects require more expertise and a learning curve, it seems to be more difficult for newcomers and people with less experience to get involved.

If we set themes, everyone can work on similar ideas, sharing expertise and knowledge, hopefully learning a few things as well.

It will be great to see some cool ideas come together, and should help everyone in the group participate together.

We will also have some nifty toys to show off, this will help to promote us and mean we can go along to events such as the Maker Faires and Raspberry Jams.

Tying in with the Newcastle Raspberry Jam in November, we are hopefully going to have a display there and James has volunteered to do a short talk.

Because of this, we are setting the first competition theme as Raspberry Pi based. Closing date for entries is the 29th of October, when they will be judged at the Hackspace.

Entries can be anything as long as its a) not too killy, b) Pi-based.

If you’re allergic to Raspberries, we will also be starting a line-following robot competition, with a face-off sometime around Christmas!

Its the chance to build something cool, win prizes and earn the undying envy/admiration of your peers..

As always, let us know what you think!



Raspberry Pi Competition Poster

Raspberry Pi Competition Poster


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