Update May Week 3


Last time at Potteries Hackspace…

After the suspense I left last week I decided to go the whole hog and start with a recap, so if you cast your mind back a bit you’ll remember last time…

We were looking at connecting the Raspberry Pi to a touch screen monitor and well we’re one step closer. Everything is connected, it’s now a case of configuring the software. 3D printing… Soon.

Dave and Will came down armed with their laptops and random bits of hardware, such as a roomba that Will was working on, with a front mounted camera.

Eye spy with my little eye!

The idea is that soon enough we’ll have a video streaming wireless robot roaming the hackspace that you can control. Pretty neat huh?

Look busy everyone, I’m taking a photo… Here’s the team busily working on the 3D printer and roomba robot respectively.

Here’s the end result. It sort of looks like a monster that found its way out of our storeroom at the moment, but before long we’ll be able to transform it into a proper piece of kit that looks the part too.

Plus lots of masking tape…

If you were paying attention, you’ll also see Jib’s bike in the background that John and he were working on.

On yer bike!

We’ve got videos this week of the Roomba in action.

Next time at Potteries Hackspace…

  • Dave’s coming down with the mission to fix Sarah’s printer. Will he turn up and get it done?
  • Will DanW turn up with the bits we need for our 3D printer?
  • Will I actually get this this Raspberry Pi connected to a screen!?
  • Will’s finishing his Roomba robot to go full wireless and become a hackspace scout with a full web based API so you can annoy the hell out of us. Will Will will his will power and not wilt?
  • Will I ever stop making bad jokes?
  • Will any more people turn up to check out what’s going down at Potteries Hackspace?!

Who knows… but find out next time here at the Potteries Hackspace blog…

See you tonight at 7PM!


Update May Week 2

This week was pizza night, but we were pretty distracted by all the action.

DSC_1516First off, DanW very kindly got stuck in with his PAT testing kit. First for the chop was my donated angle grinder, which was great because I actually needed to use it.

Thanks to DanW and his handy PAT checker and some sticky labels we’re now a little bit safer.


Paul, Si and Tom were all getting stuck in to getting Sarah’s 3D printer up and running, which isn’t far off now. Just a case of connecting the hot end and reconfiguring the firmware and we’re ready to go…

What would you print? Let us know in the comments!


Ben and Finn were getting stuck in with their robot project. It looks complicated! I’m glad they know what they are doing! 🙂

Let’s just hope the three laws of robotics are applied!

Keep an eye out here as I’ll be posting it’s progress here.


This looks technical. There’s a multimeter involved and everything.

Turns out it was a software issue. I think they needed to reverse the polarities.

Everyone knows you always reverse the polarities


Thanks for fixing my angle grinder Dan.

This plug dates back to before british standards were actually a thing.

Life saver, possibly literally.


This angle grinder can now go into the log for approval as it passed the PAT check after the plug was swapped for a good one.

Dan managed to do about 30 items before running out of sticky labels.

I’d say it was a thankless job, only I do remember thanking him many times, but another one won’t go amiss, so thanks Dan!


Charlotte was practicing her cup song, she even wrote a little tutorial for it.

Maybe we’ll have a few more tutorials heading our way soon…

Sorry guys, no videos this week, maybe next.

Speaking of next week…

Will we get Sarah’s 3D printer actually printing? Will we get the Raspberry Pi connected to our 3D printer with a screen? Will more people turn up with interesting gadgets? Will there be videos!?

Find out in next weeks post!

PS. Sorry for no pizza photos, we scoffed it all down before I had thought to take any.

Update May Week 1

Hi all,

Last week was a bit of an odd one.

I knew a few of our regular members were away including two of our core members Tom and Si. So with the weather as fantastic as it was, I made a decision to make the most of the weather following on from the the bank holiday and pass on.

This should be the exception, not the rule, and we’ll be back as normal again tomorrow night (Tuesday 14th May).



Update April Week 5

I ran out of time to do an update, so I’ll play a little catch up.

We were mostly working on the 3D Printer, so here’s some videos of that in action:

Oh and thanks to Dave for bringing down this huge desk puzzle…


Next meeting was meant to be Tuesday 7th May, but due to the good weather (which was too good to miss out on), it was abandoned. We’ll be open as normal on Tuesday 14th May.