Hi all,

We started off tonight where we left off on Saturday…

DSC_0838I began setting up the printers Dave had dropped off on the computers. Sure only 2D printers, but essential for the space. Now we have a colour laser and black laser setup on the network. This means we can now get some simple documents, such as signs, notices, forms, flyers all printed off on-site using our own resources.

DSC_0839Kate set to work doing the artwork for our entrance wall, which is now sporting the official “Potteries Hackspace” logo. A much more welcoming message than the arrow we had before, I’m sure you’ll agree. Perhaps next we’ll put a “Do Not Be On Fire” graphic…

DSC_0840Si go to work on the PSUs, converting them into desktop power supplies. Doing what he does best with a soldering iron. Once we’ve figured out a standard connector I’m sure this will be the first of a few to come! We’ll definitely need these as our breadboards and components turn up next week.

DSC_0859Tom and DanW got hands on with an angle grinder, cutting the steel bars to length for the 3D printer. “It cuts like butter” says Tom after comparing it to cutting with a hacksaw which was blunted in the process. Just the hot end, extruder and electronics to go now. Hopefully we’ll have the stepper drivers sorted and we’ll actually see some motors moving next week.

DSC_0870Before we left, we all hung around having a brew and a chat, discussing things from 3D printers, to wood burners, to space (the final frontier). The guys quite liked the idea of getting a vacuum former setup using an old hover and the idea of sourcing a wood turning lathe. However, the question of whether we’d need three-phase power came into play and also flood plans so we have an idea where to put it.

DSC_0881Although we didn’t even get around to playing with the Raspberry Pi (again), Dave did bring a few neat little screens down, so I am hoping to have a play with those next time.

However we have really made some great progress in the space now, so watch this space!


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